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1. Rechnungsprogramm: Finanzen im Blick haben 2. CRM - Kundendaten im Griff haben 3. Migration aller Shop Stammdaten 4. Preislisten blitzschnell anpassen 5. Lagerverwaltung: Bescheid wissen, wo meine Ware ist 6. Artikelmanagement

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Shopify ERP 100% OpenSource
What's behind it?
Behind our Shopify ERP is Odoo, which is not an ERP in the classic sense, but rather a modern, web-based, platform-independent and integrated suite of business applications to fully manage your business. The richness of Odoo's functionality is enormous and covers all business processes. With Odoo, you can manage not only your back-office activities (purchasing, sales, warehouse, logistics, finance, human resources), but also your website, your e-commerce solution, your point of sale (POS) and much more! Moreover, as an open source solution, Odoo is easily customizable and benefits from the world's largest community of contributors to a business management software.

All major main modules include

Online Handel ERP Business Software


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Easy setup and seamless connectivity

3 steps implementation

Die Bereitstellung der Cloud-ERP-Lösung speziell für Online Händler ERP erfolgt mit einem zertifizierten Odoo Partner wie MOTIVO1 und kann in 15 Personentagen in rund 12 Wochen abgeschlossen sein. Dieser Prozess beinhaltet mehr als die technische Auslieferung: Wir optimieren Ihre Prozesse, migrieren Ihre Stammdaten und schulen Ihre Mitarbeiter im Umgang mit dem System.


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1. register with email address 2. registration confirmation by email 3. confirm account 4. login


Verbindung Shopify Demo-Shop

Automatic connection to our Shopify demo system.


Optimize your processes

A training team helps with the on-boarding of your key users. Support: English and German

Business Management Software (Odoo)

Implementation costs

up to 50% cheaper than the competition

Online Handel ERP Standard

395 / month
  • Shop Schnittstelle
  • Financial accounting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Sales
  • purchase
  • CRM
  • POS system
  • Lagerverwaltung

Shopify ERP Business Premium

1.499 / month
  • Shop Schnittstelle
  • Financial accounting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Sales
  • purchase
  • CRM
  • POS system
  • Lagerverwaltung
  • HelpDesk (SLA)
  • Sales force management
  • Project controlling

powerd by Odoo

Make wise decisions.

Take action, that drive your business forward.

Addressing customers via different channels

MultiChannel Marketing

Let your customers decide when, how, and where they want to shop - on the device of their choice. Ensure a consistent and seamless experience across all online and offline channels.

Exceed the competition

Exceed the competition

Deliver lightning-fast web-based e-commerce and ERP experiences that your customers will want to return to again and again.

Acceleration order processing

Shipping with barcode labels and picking.

Acceleration order processing

Reduce shipping and packing errors by automatically printing barcode labels and picking slips. Scan picked goods as they are placed in a carton and confirm shipment. Integrate with DHL WorldShip and DPD shipping stations for even greater efficiency.

Strengthen your own brand

Strengthen your own brand

Get a complete overview of each customer, meet their needs - and strengthen your brand in the process.

Work without worries

User friendly and secure

Work without worries

Get operational complexity under control with an easy-to-use, secure platform that's available when you need it most.

Reduce shortages and back orders

automated inventories

Reduce shortages and back orders

Connect with Oood/ERPNext Warehouse Management to optimize your inventory levels through automated replenishment. Get real-time inventory counts across your enterprise with a customer-facing front end that integrates with your ERP system.

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