Activate online sales with sales acceleration

Your sales team expects more than traditional sales automation to respond to the current uncertain sales environment, especially rapidly changing buyer preferences, sudden changes in business outlook, and dynamically evolving competitors. Odoo CRM is an adaptive sales solution that helps your sales team navigate modern sales practices. The solution is based on an adaptable, intelligent system that is pre-configured and ready to use. It actively tracks a variety of signals and processes them into actionable insights.

Optimize sales

with integrated multi-channel tools such as softphone dialers and email templates.

Remote sales representatives

help them by giving them clear and achievable sales activities.

Shorten the sales process

with a single workspace that contains all the tools remote sales reps need to stay focused and productive.

View of the customer

Focus on the customer's requirements and keep the quote on schedule.

Coordination between marketing and sales

with cross-team campaign visibility and pre-built workflows to hand over promising leads.

Support sales managers

Improve performance with insights from deals, relationship analysis, and meaningful reporting.



Innovation with flexible solutions,

that grow with your company

Schedule activities based on your sales scripts: Calls, meetings, mails and quotes. Get all the information you need directly on the sales opportunity: website viewed, email received, etc.

Increase customer satisfaction
Sales deals
New degrees
Reduce costs

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