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go-Digital (up to 50% or €33,000) Digitized business processes Digital market development IT security + Digital Now (up to €50.000,--) Hardware Software Training


Everything at a glance All industries and business areas are affected by digital transformation. Companies that want to hold their own against the competition must firmly establish digitization in all business processes. This is where the BMWi's go-digital program comes in, offering small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial and skilled trades sectors the opportunity to improve in the areas of digitalized business processes, digital market development and "IT security". The go-digital program finances process-related as well as strategic digitization services with up to 50% of the consulting costs. Criteria for companies to be funded: Companies in the commercial sector, including the skilled trades, with technological potential. Employment of less than 100 employees Annual sales or an annual balance sheet total for the previous year of no more than 20 million euros Permanent establishment or branch in Germany Eligibility according to the de minimis regulation

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The Digital Now program was created to enable SMEs to realize their digitalization of processes (hardware & software) and their qualification measures of employees (digital and agile working) with funding of up to 50,000€. Details of the Digital Now funding Medium-sized companies from all industries (including craft businesses and freelancers) 3 to 499 employees Subsidy of up to €50,000 (for joint projects with suppliers or customers along the value chain, up to €100,000 per company) Funding rate 40-70 Duration of funding until 2023 Min. subsidy amount is 17.000 EURO (min 34.000 EURO total volume)

Digitization audit

Inventory of the status quo. Determination of the individual digital maturity level Individual video / telephone sequences Sample blueprint for increasing the level of digitalization Proposal for digitization of the existing business model Concrete recommendations for action for your organization Reconciliation of investment needs based on 80% accuracy Reconciliation of liquidity needs until the end of the year based on 80% accuracy

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Details zur Förderung

These requirements

must be fulfilled:

Presentation of a digitization plan included:

    • Details of the digitization project
    • Type and number of qualification measures
    • Current status of digitization in the company
    • Goals to be achieved with the investment (e.g. increased process efficiency)

Furthermore, the following applies to companies:

    • Permanent establishment or branch in Germany where the investment is made
    • Start only after receipt of funding approval
    • Implementation must take place within twelve months at the latest
    • Use of grant funds must be proven
Which companies are not eligible:
Irrespective of investment requirements, the following companies are not eligible to apply: Companies with public participation; non-profit companies; companies under public law and religious communities and their participations; companies in the process of being established; associations; foundations; insolvent companies and companies in difficulty (Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014).
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Individual, professional consulting and implementation

What does the consultation offer?

Contents of the project

Individual, professional consulting and implementation in the three funding modules IT security, digital business processes and digitalized market development

Consulting orientation

Orientation of the consultancy to the needs of the beneficiary company and the associated selection of modules

What can be promoted?

The development of new customers and markets through digital media and strategies, the digitization of business processes, and the security of the IT systems and infrastructures required for this are an important competitive factor.

Tasks of the consulting company

Assumption of overall responsibility for the respective project-verification of the eligibility of the company to be advised-submission of an application to the project management agency-competition-neutral consulting from analysis to implementation-documentation of the services rendered in the proof of use, consisting of numerical proof as well as a meaningful, comprehensible report on the facts.

Digitized business processes

Introduction of e-business software solutions for overall and partial processes, e.g. returns management, logistics, warehousing, payment systems. Goal: Digitize business processes in the company as comprehensively as possible, establish secure electronic and mobile processes.

Digital market development

Entwicklung einer unternehmensspezifischen Online-Marketing-Strategie, Aufbau einer profes-sionellen, rechtssicheren Internetpräsenz (mit Web-Shop, Social-Media-Tools, Content-Marketing). Ziel: Beratung zu vielfältigen Aspekten eines pro-fessionellen Online-Marketings und Umsetzung der empfohlenen Leistungen.


Risk and security analysis of existing/planned ICT infrastructure, initiation/optimization of operational IT security management systems. Goal: Avoidance of damage/minimization of risks from cybercrime.


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