While the website and shopping cart are relatively easy to set up, eCommerce brings new challenges to your existing sales channels. For example, there are additional challenges:

  1. The online catalog must be complete and accurate.
  2. Pricing, availability and order processing must be correct.
  3. Credit check and order approval may be required.
  4. Once the order is through, order fulfillment must be completed quickly and effectively, including:
    - Assignment
    - Picking, packing and shipping
    - Invoicing and collection
    - Follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction


Von Gartner als „ERP Frontrunners“ eingestuft, haben sich über 5.000 Unternehmen mit ERPNext für die nächste Generation von Unternehmen fit gemacht.

ERPNext Gartner frontrunners 2021

Sale and purchase

Increase your productivity and reduce your costs by managing your sales and purchasing cycle, from purchase to sales order

Asset Management

Maintain and manage details of assets, their movement, allowance and depreciation.


Get a real-time overview of your cash flow. Full-featured accounting module that covers every aspect of accounting.


Deliver both internal and external projects on time, on budget and profitably. Track tasks, timesheets and issues per project.


Attract and retain more customers by streamlining the sales process. Track your leads, opportunities and send quotes directly to your customers on the go.


Better service experience with an intuitive incident tracker and integrated knowledge base.
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Wird von mehr als 5000 Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt verwendet.

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  • Retail Management
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  • Sales
  • Manufacture
  • Non Profit

Our service

Bug Fix Guarantee

Get priority bug fix support from the MOTIVO1 ERPNext core team, who have the experience to ensure your system runs bug-free.

Upgrade support

Get help upgrading your ERPNext instance to the latest and greatest version

Server support

Receive priority bug fix support from the MOTIVO1 ERPNext core team, who have the experience to ensure your systems run bug free.

In-app support

Interact with MOTIVO1 consultants and keep track of open tickets within your instance

Product Support

Get priority bug fix support from the MOTIVO1 ERPNext core team, who have the experience to ensure your systems run error-free.

Safety warnings

Update your instance as soon as security issues are fixed before they become public.

First steps with ERPNext


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First steps with ERPNext ...

Innovation and security are among the most important benefits of using open source solutions in companies

Enterprise ❤️ Open Source

According to the RedHat Enterprise IT Report, more than 90% of IT leaders agree that open source plays a strategic role in the enterprise.

lower total cost of ownership
Access to the latest innovation
more security
High quality software
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Access to Enterprise Level Support
Ability to customize the application
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ERPNext is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

ERPNext's features include:

ERPNext is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It helps businesses with accounting, project and task management, sales, purchasing, inventory, customer relationship management, administration, human resource management, manufacturing and more. This system is especially suited for businesses in services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, healthcare, education, non-profits and agriculture. ERPNext offers extensive functionality integrated into a single platform for easy management.
ERPNext ist Shopify und WooCommerce Ready!

Financial accounting
This tool provides users with multi-ledger and consolidated financial data, intercompany transactions, deferred revenue and the ability to upload bank statements.
Human Resources
This module includes payroll with configurable benefits and deductions, as well as leave management and the ability to track vacation time, employee lifecycle and more.
Customer Relationship Management CRM
Customer Relationship Management CRM
Asset Management
Users can use this tool to manage serialized assets and work-in-process accounting, as well as track asset movements.
This feature allows users to list products for free via the in-app marketplace platform and web portal, as well as communicate with buyers and sellers within ERPNext.

Is ERPNext right for you?

ERPNext is 100% open source, easy to use and customize, actively maintained, cost effective (the on-premise/self-hosted version is free) and well provides professional support from us.

Data Management
On-Premise by Hetzner: 24/7 Support Here you receive competent and individual support around the clock by phone and e-mail from qualified specialists in our data centers.
Business Consulting
The core of our business is implementing ERPNext to digitize businesses with Industry 4.0 standards. Whether you are new to ERPNext or not, we are your partner to ensure your system is set up to help you succeed! Regardless of how large or small your implementation is, we offer specific services in the following areas: 1. Implementation, Apps and Customizations
CRM, Sales & Shop
Online sales is the new sales model more than ever of tomorrow. A manufacturer or retailer that does not price its goods online remains hidden in the digital sales funnel.
Digitization of processes
By digitizing processes with ERP systems, all processes can be accessed digitally from anywhere quickly and with little search effort. This avoids a lot of unnecessary work.
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