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New identity

Turn your company into a brand.

It's called branding.

In order to position yourself visibly as a brand, it is now more important than ever to develop a clear brand identity and to answer the question "Why?" for customers and employees. Why does the brand exist? Why are your products and services relevant? The answer to the "why" describes the purpose of the company. A sustainable and contemporary brand identity grows out of the purpose. It emerges from communication and campaigns and creates a suitable brand environment. This results in holistic experiences that also appeal to the emotional world. I call it the "new identity" of a brand.

Marketing für Shopify


Profiling your brand can only succeed if you and we know your brand exactly. Therefore, the careful analysis of your brand is the beginning of our work. First, we analyze the current state of what characterizes your brand, what may (still) inhibit it, and what can make it even more successful in the future. We determine its potential - and thus the best path for brand strategy and positioning.

Brand strategy

How do you organize your company's brands optimally? Are you perhaps managing too many brands - and how can you reduce them without losing customers and sales? With the brand strategy, we define the cornerstones of your brand - the basis for your future corporate success.

Brand Implementation

Your brand should have an impact. And not just in conception - but in reality, with your customers. We accompany you throughout the entire implementation of your strategies and your conception. We ensure harmony between all aspects of your brand presence: Across all media, with a creative agency of your choice or with one of our specialized cooperation partners.

Brand development

In brand development, the foundations are laid for a holistic brand presence at all points of contact - from the product range to branding, design and communication, right through to employee behavior. How is positioning reflected in branding and communication? We clarify, design and implement all this - for you, with you, for your brand.

We lead brands. To success.

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