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Odoo E-Commerce
motivo1December 22, 2020 0 Comments
Odoo E-Commerce
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Odoo e-Commerce bleibt eine der profitabelsten Branchen im Jahr 2020 mit einem weltweiten Umsatzvolumen von fast 4 Billionen US-Dollar weltweit. Um die Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie zu überwinden, investierte eine große Anzahl von Einzelhändlern in den Odoo e-Commerce. Außerdem brachte die Pandemie einige Folgeänderungen in den Kaufabsichten der Kunden mit sich, die voraussichtlich mehrere Jahre anhalten werden. Da sich nun die meisten von uns aufgrund von COVID-19-Beschränkungen an Online-Einkäufe gewöhnt haben, ist E-Commerce wichtiger denn je. Infolgedessen planen immer mehr Einzelhändler, 2021 in die Entwicklung von E-Commerce-Anwendungen zu investieren.

Odoo is one of the most sought-after software platforms that provide 360-degree ecommerce development solutions whose focus is on delivering engaging customer experiences. It is a Open-Source-Software-Suite, which provides a fully integrated E-Commerce-Modul offers, which allows companies to create a custom online store from scratch.

This post highlights the key features of the Odoo e-commerce module and what makes it an ideal solution for e-commerce application development.

Odoo e-commerce functions

With the Odoo e-commerce module, retailers, merchants and store owners can develop a fully customized online marketplace to reach their potential customers. It also offers a variety of unique features and marketing tools to achieve extensive reach and visibility across the Internet. Below are the main features of the Odoo e-commerce module that help achieve an enhanced online shopping experience.

Odoo Website Builder

Odoo offers an intuitive and user-friendly website creation tool that significantly reduces the development effort and simplifies the development of e-commerce websites. It comes with a grid layout editor and drag-and-drop functions that make creating a website of any type extremely simple. With Odoo Website Builder, even a non-technical person can create impressive website pages in an impressive way by moving and placing website blocks. Also, you can drag and drop various elements and animations and add transitions to make a website look appealing. You can change the background color, use different images or upload new ones if needed.

In addition, professional themes can be used to design very appealing stores:

Odoo Shop

Odoo Shop is specifically designed for creating e-commerce websites and applications. The user interface is getting simpler and simpler, allowing you to easily customize your online store with features like product sorting and segmentation.

Checkout and payment

With Odoo, you can customize the checkout page of your shopping site to make the process quick and easy. With a one-step checkout process, Odoo lets you offer seamless online shopping experiences to your customers. It also offers easy integration with a variety of payment gateways to provide seamless checkout and transaction processing.

Integrated tools

Odoo eCommerce offers a number of integrated tools, mainly designed to improve marketing strategies and support your upselling and cross-selling efforts. You can use them to run promotional campaigns, issue discount vouchers and gift cards to increase sales and promote meaningful engagement. You can also run remarketing campaigns to attract visitors to your site and transition them into the sales funnel.

Reporting and analysis

With real-time reporting and analytics, you can easily gain valuable insights into your customers' habits, preferences, and buying patterns. You can also optimize the look and feel of your website and tweak your marketing campaigns to deliver personalized shopping experiences. This way, you increase your chances of converting website visitors into satisfied customers.

Concluding remarks

In short, Odoo is a powerful ERP software suite that provides full support for developing e-commerce applications for web and mobile platforms. It also integrates seamlessly with a wide range of enterprise applications, including proprietary Odoo modules, third-party apps and legacy systems. Odoo also offers several integrated tools to run effective marketing campaigns and boost cross-selling and upselling efforts. Another benefit is that Odoo is constantly updating its features to make Odoo eCommerce development more agile, faster, and hassle-free.

Warum MOTIVO1 für Odoo E-Commerce Development Services wählen?

Wir bei MOTIVO1 bieten umfassende Odoo e-Commerce-Entwicklungsservices, um auf allen Geräten ein ansprechendes Online-Einkaufserlebnis zu bieten. Mit einer nachgewiesenen Erfolgsbilanz bei Odoo-Entwicklungsdienstleistungen haben wir uns erfolgreich als erfahrenes Odoo-ERP-Entwicklungsunternehmen etabliert. Unser Entwicklungsteam kann Odoo ERP-Module verwenden, um die Odoo E-Commerce-Entwicklung, Odoo CRM, Odoo Lager und mehr vollständig zu unterstützen. Mit unseren umfassenden Odoo E-Commerce-Entwicklungsservices können Unternehmen ihre Reichweite erweitern, den Umsatz steigern und neue Einnahmequellen erschließen. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter: odoo@motivo1.de


While the website and shopping cart are relatively easy to set up, eCommerce brings new challenges to your existing sales channels. For example, there are additional challenges:

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