Success principle

The 3 pillars principle

MOTIVO1 has taken it upon itself as an Erolgsmodell to drive the 3 pillars model for its customers. These consist of:

CRM, Sales & Shop

Online sales is the new sales model more than ever of tomorrow. A manufacturer or retailer that does not price their goods online remains hidden in the digital sales funnel. Rely on a strong malleable ERP system like Odoo and hang your catalog directly into the system, where the master data resides. Categroy management can't be faster or more effective. E-commerce only develops its strength through:

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • HelpDesk
  • Warehouse
  • Multi-Channel Connectoren:
    ebay, amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce
  • purchase

Request brand consulting

- Brands claim values and stand for "something". - In many cases, companies define different values for their brand. - In the process, value types are often mixed. - The result is a cloud of values that cannot be grasped by communication.

  • Consumer Insight 01
  • Benefit & Reason Why
  • Brand Values
  • Positioning Statement
  • Tonality
  • Consumer Take-Out

Digitization of processes

By digitizing processes with ERP systems, all processes can be accessed digitally from anywhere quickly and with little search effort. This avoids a lot of unnecessary work. The significantly stronger efficiency gains can be achieved by automating standard tasks. That is our vision, and we achieve it primarily through automation, in addition to digitization and integration.

  • Process automation
  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Payback time in less than 6 months

Open Source Warenwirtschaft

ERP, E-Commerce, CRM, MRP & Marketing

Adapts to your processes

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Your business is our business.

We harness the power of Odoo to deliver what your customer needs.

The core of our business is implementing Odoo ERP to digitize businesses with Industry 4.0 standards. Whether you are new to Odoo or not, we are your partner to ensure your system is set up to help you succeed! Regardless of how large or small your implementation is, we offer specific services in the following areas:


Odoo implementation

Comprehensive configuration, customization, integration and migration services for Odoo ERPs or custom Odoo operating systems


All apps in one software

The Odoo Enterprise contract includes additional services such as free version upgrades, a "bug-free" warranty with unlimited Odoo S.A. support, additional modules and features, an enhanced user interface and mobile usability.


Modern UX design

A modern user interface to improve usability and speed up processes. Your employees will love this solution!

Odoo is fast, Odoo is secure!

High-Performance Hosting

Root server for every requirement. Top performance with excellent connectivity.

100% green electricity

Hetzner Online uses electricity from renewable sources to power the servers in its own data centers.

24/7 Support

Here you will receive competent and individual support around the clock by telephone and e-mail from qualified specialists in our data centers.


Adequate security management ensures the security of your data, the confidentiality of information and the permanent availability of IT systems.

Our premium hoster: Hetzner


Odoo is an excellent alternative to traditional inventory management systems such as:

  • Lexware Merchandise Management (Lexware Warenwirtschaft pro)
  • Jtl merchandise management
  • Warenwirtschaft Freeware
  • DATEV enterprise resource planning
  • Sage enterprise resource planning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning in English
  • Selectline enterprise resource planning, merchandise management Open Source | ERPNext,

Possible applications

Odoo includes a POS system retail with merchandise management POS, can be used as merchandise management in the Hetzner-Cloud operate, is an online ERP enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource planning for gastronomy, procurement-oriented enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource planning Mac, WooCommerce enterprise resource planning, Wiso enterprise resource planning alternative, Wawi enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource planning with accounting, enterprise resource planning for Shopware, cloud enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource planning and logistics, enterprise resource planning software comparison, retail enterprise resource planning, Magento enterprise resource planning, free enterprise resource planning, procurement-oriented enterprise resource planning, store system with enterprise resource planning

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