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Philosophie von MOTIVO1

The 1st impression counts!

This is equally true for the
Digital agency MOTIVO1.


For more than 20 years, I have been fascinated by the digital world.
As a student assistant in an Apple store back in 2001, I realized that the premium Apple brand was something very special. At that time, Apple was deep in the red! Nevertheless, I knew that this brand was something special. Even back then, architects and musicians relied on this stable platform MacOS and the extraordinary industrial design of the devices. Then those cute little colorful iMacs came out with "translucent look" in four colors, maybe you remember them.

My eyes always lit up when I got to sell this experience to a potential client.
Genauso ging es mir vor einigen Jahren mit Odoo Warenwirtschaft Open-Source.

Apple Philosophie zu nutzen machen
Warum Apple auf das Vertrauen seiner Nutzer setzt. Der 1. Eindruck zählt!

 Bild-Quelle von

For 8 years I searched in vain at Cebit and on the Internet for a suitable solution for my company. I was looking for a solution in the industrial kitchen sector that was made for service technicians and could handle project business for professional kitchens. I thought to myself, having to print out the service reports in 2015 with the dot matrix printer, that can't be the solution in the long run.
The Service Technicians would like just like the Seller on one Spare parts database, Kundendaten and device data be able to access.

The service dispatcher must have full control of the project together with the project department!

So when do the supplies for the equipment arrive on site?
Where are currently my Servicefahrzeuge?
Many customer queries arrive by e-mail and are read by several colleagues at the same time.
Please, which brain in the world is supposed to efficiently process such a flood of information today without burning out and still create proper work for the customer?

I have found the solution:
Odoo Enterprise - a web-based ERP system, which is shown in the Champions League in direct competition with Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite and SAP Business by Design plays along.
Except for Oracle, I received all the candidates in your "pinstripe suits" and received your statements skeptically. It was often said: Service Management we can currently not yet completely map how you need it, but we can gladly implement the customization for you. Please write down your exact requirements for this.
Hand on heart, have you ever worked with other well-known programs, like Photoshop, AutoCAD or Outlook?
Did you have to write anything down here for your "standard requirements" as well?
I sent them all home again.

sapling 154734

Either there were extremely high workshop offers, in which I gave the agency our business
in detail, or our project budget was simply too small. Players like SAP benötigen nun mal ein gewisses Grundstartprojektkapital, um überhaupt aktiv zu werden. Zudem fehlte wie gesagt die Anforderung „Service-Management“ oder die Möglichkeiten der Ausführung waren nicht ausreichend.
There were often extremely expensive connectors, in my case for our Magento 1.x e-commerce system, or the license fees and maintenance costs were extremely high.

Mit Odoo oder EPRnext lässt sich vieles standardgemäß lösen oder leicht ergänzen.

Und was hat mich noch gestört an der Philosophie der anderen ERP Dienstleister?

These relatively large software solutions are from the operation extremely user-unfriendly!

As a multimedia designer and former winner of the best B2B e-commerce store 2011, I couldn't let that sit.

Eine andere (Philosophie) Lösung musste her!

powerd by Odoo
Odoo supports the most advanced ERP features such as multi-company, multi-currency, multi-country and multi-tax systems.

Doesn't that sound fantastic?
Kind of surreal, isn't it?

Odoo goes even further!

What I struggled with for years to get my Magento e-commerce
system with the Odoo database. Data could only be connected and synchronized with properties via the connector with great effort.

So why not put everything on one platform?

Odoo can merge frontend and backend directly and can do that out of the box - as everything is integrated on one platform....

A reference of mine that I always like to mention is  Woombikes, an Austrian manufacturer of lightweight children's bicycles.
Woombikes has been relying for years on Odoo - in the making (MRP), in creating offers, in online marketing, in processing complaints and in direct online sales worldwide to its customers with the e-commerce app.

Doesn't that sound fantastic?

And what else is important?

The employees are happy to work with it. Why not give them a call and ask them yourself?

If you too are annoyed by your many isolated applications, such as Excel spreadsheets, a production, order data, which are not available via a CAD
system to the manufacturing software and also parallel again with the
system, redundant project data can be synchronized with the
system, redundant project data can be synchronized with the
Individual tasks are forwarded internally to colleagues by e-mail and in addition there is a
separate e-commerce system that draws data from the ERP system.

Everything runs very out of round and with high friction losses.

Does that sound familiar?

Möchten Sie heute Ihre Unternehmens-Philosophie ändern?

Falls Sie etwas an dieser Situation ändern möchten, dann handeln Sie jetzt und fragen noch heute eine kostenlose Demo von mir an.

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