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Wie stellen Sie ein erfolgreiches ERP Projekt auf?
motivo1October 8, 2020 0 Comments

Wie stellen Sie ein erfolgreiches ERP Warenwirtschaft Projekt auf?

01 Projektleiter

As a project manager, it is difficult to find the right balance between satisfying the customer, accepting more change requests, keeping the budget low, sticking strictly to agreements, spending more or less time in analysis, adjusting to the project schedule, and so on.

02 Prioritäten

The main priority for a successful project is to get users on board with Odoo and to do it on time and on budget. When a project fails, it is always because it took too much time or cost too much.

03 Timing

Timing and budget are the key elements to structure your methodology.

The rest is secondary:

  • Developing custom features is not a priority.
  • Kundenzufriedenheit so hart es klingen mag hat “während" der Implementierung keine Priorität.
  • early service upsell is not important.

04 Spezifische Funktionen

The development of specific functions does not help the project

Custom development always adds costs and drags out the implementation project, sometimes to the point where the project is compromised. In addition, custom development leads to technical challenges that the customer has to pay for in the form of additional maintenance and upgrade costs in the years to come.

Any customization may seem simple and affordable. But the complexity of a project grows exponentially as the customizations take.

05 Termin & Budget

A project is successful when it is delivered on time and on budget. Developing custom functionality for the customer's specific requirements does not make the project successful, but sometimes it is necessary to support the customer's core business.

06 Kundenzufriedenheit

Customer satisfaction is not a useful KPI

Customer satisfaction is not a good measure of a project's success. First, it is constantly evolving throughout the different phases of a project. Second, each person working for the customer may have different expectations, e.g., a key user wants additional features, but the CEO wants the project on time and on budget.

Zufriedenheit ERP Project -erfolgreiches ERP Warenwirtschaft Projekt
erfolgreiches ERP Warenwirtschaft Projekt

Develop customer satisfaction throughout the project.

Focusing on customer satisfaction distracts the project manager from the main goals of the project. We definitely prefer our customer to be temporarily dissatisfied (because they had a tough discussion about a complex decision) than to miss the implementation deadline. Dissatisfaction is inherent in any project.

While customer satisfaction is not a goal during implementation, it is still a good way to assess the motivation of key users.

Therefore, we use periodic customer evaluations to know which customers need more attention (and not to evaluate the quality of a project manager).

07 Zusatz Dienstleistung

Der Verkauf zusätzlicher Dienstleistungen vor “Go-Live" hat keine Priorität

Service companies want to charge the customer as much as possible. It is their core business after all! Large service companies even have complex methods that lead to the need for more services, such as large analysis phases in the name of limiting risk for a project.

We believe that selling more should never be an initial goal. The growth of our business should be the result of quality service or satisfied customers (ideally both). In fact, we think it's better to provide customers in fewer business days. It not only reduces the risk of project failure, but also makes us more competitive in the market.

erfolgreiches ERP Projekt
erfolgreiches ERP Projekt hängt maßgeblich vom Projektleiter, jedoch ebenso von der Mitarbeit des Kunden ab.

08 Tempo bis zum Go-Live

A good pace throughout the project is a great competitive advantage to attract new customers. And when you build your customer base, it becomes very easy to sell additional services to existing customers:

  • It is 7x easier to sell existing to users instead of acquiring a new customer.
    Therefore, we would like to keep you as a customer today.
  • Wir werden das Projekt immer in Phasen aufteilen und unverbindliche Funktionen nach dem “Go-Live" anbieten.

Long story:
we want to achieve sustainable growth with you, so we always focus on the success of the project. When we have a successful projects with you, customers will like you to book us with more services.

"A few years ago, I interviewed 15 customers to get feedback on our implementation methodology and services. One customer told me: "In the first 3 months, I didn't like working with Frédéric [the project manager]. He constantly questioned everything I asked for, to the point that I felt I was wasting my time. It was a bit frustrating.

Aber später verstand ich, dass es zum Wohle des Projekts war. Er fand oft bessere Lösungen als das, was ich während der Implementierung gefordert hatte. Jetzt, obwohl wir in der Produktion sind, rufe ich ihn jedes Mal an, wenn ich eine Geschäftsprozessentscheidung zu treffen habe, um ihn zu beraten."

Diese Geschichte veranschaulicht unseren Ansatz perfekt: Indem wir dem Erfolg des Projekts kurzfristig die Kundenzufriedenheit vorwegnehmen, machen wir unsere Kunden langfristig glücklich. Frédéric hätte sich darauf einigen können, jedes kundenspezifische Feature zu entwickeln, das der Kunde gebeten hatte, um ihn zunächst glücklich zu machen, aber das Projekt hätte sich mehr gekostet, verzögert und wir wären Gefahr gewesen, den Kunden zu verlieren."

Fabien, Odoo Gründer

Aufstellung eines erfolgreichen ERP Warenwirtschaft Open Source Projektes. #wawi #bussiness aplication


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